Dreaming Inside Waters

This album is about exploring language [ there are six different language i use , Sanskrit – Old Javanese – Bali – indonesia – regular javanese – english ] into an idea about how being dream with many imagine we have with the world of under waters mind

Mantra Ardhana :: Vocals / guitar / syntheysizer

Omink :: Main vocals

Suradipa :: Bass Guitar


Released 22 August 2007
Suaramantra (Voice of Mantra) is lead by Mantra who is also a visual artist. At an early age, Mantra was struck by polio which resulted in him being wheelchair bound. This event has however motivated him to persue his talent in both fine art and music. With visual arts playing a big role in his life, the emphasis in his music lies on the textures and colours of the notes and compositions too. As he says himself, this is best perceived by the audience when listening to Suaramantra with closed eyes.Mantra aims to introduce the relatively unknown ethnic elements of Lombok, mixed with contemporary accents, to music lovers all over the world.Recently one of our song has won battle-of-the-band at worldmusic.netwww.worldmusic.net/battle/news/2012-05-15/battle-of-the-band-winner-suaramantra-announced/
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Featured Musicians:
Degoh :: Percussion and traditional instrument
Putu Sanjiwani :: Percussion and traditional instrument
Ary Juliyant :: Vocal [ track 4 ]All songs written by Mantra Ardhana [ except all sanskrit and the Old Javanese ] Engineered, mixed, and mastered by Mantra Ardhana
Cover Art by Mantra Ardhana