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CCTA Artist in Residence Program, Lombok, Indonesia

Visual Arts, Performing Arts, Textile Art, Sculpture, Ceramics, Writing, Anthropological Research, Music


Installation & Performance

So far, Lombok has not been recognized as an island of contemporary and innovative arts but today you will get a taste of it.

A newly established Artist in Residence Program conducted by the expressionist Ismiadi, who conducted several exhibitions in Western Australia in the past, and anthropologist Lucretia Prang gives international artists the opportunity to work and exchange ideas and thoughts with local Lombok talents.

Our current Artist in Residence is Mrs. Beverley Hornibrook from North Australia and together with Ismiadi and Mantra, another well known local painter and musician, she has created the installation (a conceptual form of art) NEW LIFE.

To make the picture complete, our local choreographer Syria and dancer Desak, as well members of the new arts group and responsible for performing visiting artists, will, together with Ismiadi, respond by movement guided by Mantra’s clever musical mix of traditional and contemporary elements.

The title NEW LIFE was chosen since the island Lombok needed a new, fresh picture on the arts map and today we will open this new chapter in Lombok arts history. For our artists a new life in their career and a challenge was also urgently needed and they are now collaborating together with the international arts scene.

Please give us your comments and input after the performance. You can also contact us for further info regarding Artist in Residence Programs on

Lucretia Prang (LUKI) CCTA Program Director http://creativetoursasia.com.au